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Common Law World Review masthead

A forum for the analysis of major developments throughout the common law world.

Environmental Law Review masthead

This has quickly established itself as a significant forum for the critical discussion of current and developing ideas in environmental law.

International Journal of Evidence and Proof masthead

The journal addresses by way of articles and case notes new developments in the law of evidence and the process of proof.

International Journal Police Science & Management masthead

Seeks to advance understanding, develop good practice and foster scientific development in the systematic study of policing.

Journal of Criminal Law masthead

Provides detailed analysis of what is happening in the courts at every level, from magistrates' courts up to the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

Police Journal masthead

Provides a valuable and informed understanding of the issues at the heart of policing and offers practical advice on how to tackle them.

In 2014 the Police Journal will be renamed as the Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles to reflect the changing landscape within which policing operates.
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What's new

The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles

The Police Journal, renamed the Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles will be steered by Professor Colin Rogers and Tim John and will include diverse social, political, technological and organisational activities.
It will engage with major issues such as increased demands for accountability, globalisation and growing threats to security, and will seek to provide a resonance between theory and practice which will be able to support and enhance all aspects of policing. It will have an international perspective providing for a wide range of views and will contribute and stimulate to the continuing discourse concerning policing.

The most recent issues available for each journal are:

Common Law World Review
Contents list: 2013 42:2
Online issue 42:2

Environmental Law Review
Contents list: 2013 15:1
Online issue 14:3

International Journal of Evidence and Proof
Contents list: 2013 17:3
Online issue 17:3

International Journal of Police Science and Management
Contents list: 2013 15:1
Online issue 15:1

Journal of Criminal Law
Contents list: 2013 77:2
Online issue 77:2

The Police Journal
Contents list: 2012 85:4
Online issue 85:4

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